How to Choose the Perfect Lip Color

Baby pink, fuchsia, coral, and fire engine red… they all look so cute and how difficult it is to pick the perfect one! I happened to have the chance to talk to one of the makeup experts in Philadelphia, Susan M. Wall, about choosing the perfect shade for the lips. Here’s what she said:

Image courtesy of nuttakit/

Image courtesy of nuttakit/


When it comes to choosing the right lip color, there are a lot of factors you should consider: skin tones, eye color, hair color, and etc. If you want to go bold and pull off a gorgeous red, try to match the lip color with your skin tone. Wear a red with blue undertones (fire engine red) if you have a cool skin tone; wear a red with orange/yellow undertones (cherry red) if you have a warm skin tone.

** A note from Liuyi: don’t know your skin tone? Read How to Choose a Right Foundation for more information about finding out your skin tone.


If you are going for a natural lip color, try to match it with your skin tone. Coral and orange are perfect for warm skins, and pink and fuchsia look great on cool skins.

** A not from Liuyi: if your teeth are not as white as you want them to be, try colors with blue undertones (cool pink or fuchsia). Some blue tones on the lips can cancel out the yellow undertones on your teeth.

About Susan M. Wall:

Time in the makeup industry: 18 years

Favorite makeup look: classy, simple

Favorite makeup brand: Lancôme and Urban Decay


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