Top Ten Makeup Essentials

Picture this: you are stranded on a deserted island. What 10 makeup products would you wish to have with you? Some may answer “none”. Because a knife, a piece of flint, and fresh water might come a lot handier than a lipstick.

However, all the makeupholics out there (that includes you!) may answer this question differently. There are some beauty products you just cannot live without, even on a deserted island!

Image courtesy of  Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Here is the list of top 10 makeup essentials for makeup artist Cortenay Uhle:

1. Primer

** A note from Liuyi: If you have a problematic skin which gives you obvious pores, redness on the cheeks, or oiliness during the day, an additional primer underneath the foundation may be a solution for you. Simply choose a correct type of primer that deals with your skin problem, and then follow up with your favorite foundation or tinted moisturizer.

2. Setting Spray

** Liuyi’s favorite brand: Skindinavia (

3. Brow Pencil
4. Foundation
5. Concealer

** Liuyi’s favorite brand: Laura Mercier (

6. Dusting/Setting Powder
7. Lip Primer
8. Fan Brush

** A note from Liuyi: fan brushes are perfect for dusting off eye shadow fallouts underneath the eyes, because of its shape and stiffness.

9. White Lip Pencil
10. Highlighter

** A note from Liuyi: a great application of highlighter can bring out your features drastically. Choose a highlighter (liquid or power, depends on what type of skin you have) that is one shade or two lighter than you foundation. After your foundation, apply it on the high points of your face: cheek bones, the bridge of your nose, and the Cupid’s bow. Your skin would be glowing and your face would look more contoured. Avoid too much highlighter though, as you’ll look like you have a super oily skin.

About Cortenay Uhle:

Time in the makeup industry: more than 10 years

Favorite makeup look: Smokey Eye

Favorite makeup brand: Sephora


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